domingo, 3 de noviembre de 2013

2013_33. Layout

Interactive layout created with cardstock and vellum.
I find it difficult to fit all the pictures I want into a single layout, that's why I prefer to create tabs, flip cards or even mini-albums (like the waterfall card) into a single layout.  This way I can combine as many pictures as I want and still get the feel of a single layout.
The layout tittle has a little piece of printed vellum to add some color and to get a subtle effect under it.
For the camera and the slide picture I took the idea from a sketch in the Silhouette America blog but modified a little the upper side of the rectangle so the picture will not 'slide off' the camera.

Layou title: SNF Study Hall - Ravie
Inside card title: SNF Study Hall
Pinted journaling: President

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